Working with the Draw

Working with the Draw

In the draw section, you can prepare and confirm draws. We support various types of draw systems:
  1. Round robin (up to 6 athletes).
  2. Pool system (more than 5 athletes) with no-repechage, single-repechage, best-8 repechage and double repechage.
  3. Group system (from 5 and up to 10 athletes - 2 groups) with a final round.
  4. Group system (from 5 and up to 10 athletes - 2 groups) with semi-final and final round.
  5. Brazilian system with up to 40 athletes. Brazilian system starts with multiple Round robin groups, where group winners and runners up advance to the standard Pool system.


In the left tree view, you can see all age and weight categories and a number of athletes confirmed in each weight category. In the center list view, you can see the details list with the draw status of each weight.  The draw can have three different statuses:
  1. Unprepared - the draw is empty.
  2. Prepared - the draw is made, changes are still possible (manual move, add new athlete, remove athlete actions are allowed).
  3. Confirmed - the draw is confirmed, no changes are possible all actions described in prepared status are disabled.  

If you select a single weight category in the sidebar tree view the main details list is replaced by the image of the draw system and the list of athletes for that specific category. In the ribbon menu you can find the following command groups: Draw, Print, View and Seeding.

Draw command group is used to perform draw actions. Draw button creates draw for the selection of weight categories. You can select multiple categories to Draw by ticking the checkboxes in the center list view. If you are satisfied with the draw you can Confirm it. If you change your mind you can always Unconfirm a draw and then clear it by pressing Clear draw.

Print command group is mainly used for printing a draw of a specific weight category. However, Draw & Preview does more then this. When you press this button it performs draw, confirms it and also prints the draw. If Draw animation module is connected it also runs the draw animation. Print draws simply prints the currently selected  draw (in the sidebar tree structure). 
Draw & Preview should only be used while the category is selected through All dropdown menu in the sidebar tree structure. If the same category is selected through UnPrepared dropdown menu, some of the functionalities of this button will be lost (Draw animation), since the category will be immediately moved to Confirmed.
You can not use the Print command group on multiple categories at once, only Draw command group can be used with multiple categories selected.

View command group toggles the athletes list on the right of the draw image. This can only be used with a single category selected (via the sidebar tree structure).

Seeding command group only works if there is ranking list available in Judo Manager. 


When a single weight category is selected, you will see the draw system in the center view The sidebar tree structure menu on the left allows you to easily switch between age and weight categories. To the right of the center view you will see the list of athletes for the chose weight category. Right-click on an athletes name will open a menu with quick actions that you can perform on an athletes registration:
  1. Delete - remove an athlete from the competition.
  2. Change the weight category of an athlete.
  3. Set seeder or club seeder.
  4. Edit athlete registration details.
  5. Disqualify - overweight (useful if you use draw before weight option).

When you are ready, press the "Draw" button to perform a draw. Alternatively you can press Draw & Preview but this has an alternate behavior as explained above.

Athletes will be distributed to the draw system randomly but respecting seeding and the settings provided in Draw config, Competitor optimal distribution (explained here). Notice, that the athletes are now marked with a green label. The green label indicates, that athlete is in the draw - most quick actions are disabled. If you are happy with the draw, press the "confirm" button.

However, sometimes mistakes happen, or you want to draw by hand or you simply forgot to add some athletes. To be able to perform this action, the draw must be unconfirmed (status prepared or unprepared). You can:
  1. Remove an athlete from draw list with control double click.
  2. Drag & drop an athlete to the draw system (from right athletes menu to the center view).
  3. Add a new athlete to this weight category and drag & drop them on to the draw system.

If you remove white athletes in fight number 9 and 13 (fight numbers are circled in red color), notice that now these two removed athletes are labeled in yellow. All quick actions are again available. You can also drag & drop each of them in the empty slot on the draw. It is possible to go to  Accreditation section and add new athletes to this weight category. They will be labeled yellow and you will be able to drag & drop them in the free slot. Whenever you want, you can clear the draw and start from scratch.

Key points:
  1. When draw is confirmed, no changes are possible. 
  2. If you make a mistake, Unconfirm the draw and perform actions. 
  3. If you drag&drop an athlete in the draw system, automatic draw is no longer possible.
  4. If you are stuck, clear the draw to start from scratch.

Video tutorial - basic draw

Video tutorial - add an athlete

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