JudoManager Desktop requires a stable working environment. Therefore adequate computers are required for smooth competition running.

Computers' minimum requirements are as follows:

JudoManager Desktop application (server) computer

  1. Windows operating system (XP or newer) with updated .Net environment (updated by default on newer systems)
  2. Processor 2Gh i5
  3. 8 Gb RAM
  4. SSD disk
  5. Suggested 15' display

Module computers

  1. Windows operating system (XP or newer) with updated .Net environment
  2. Processor 1Gh
  3. 4 Gb RAM
  4. SSD disk
  5. Suggested 15' display
We suggest using dedicated computers, with latest windows updates installed, which are virus-free and without unnecessary add-ons or services which might slow down computer performance.

The system requires a stable local network. All computers must have a network connection to the computer which has JudoManager Desktop application installed (firewall disabled or allow firewall exception for application) and vice versa. You can create a local network with a switch or with a router. Although all connections can be done using wireless networking, we suggest using cables, at least for the Scoreboard module.

Recommended: Check and shut down or/and disable all unnecessary programs/services (Skype, antivirus, ..) which can slow down the operating systems.

Important: Disable firewall/antivirus or allow exceptions to the firewall.

Important: computer running JudoManager Desktop application (server computer) must have a static IP, all other modules must connect to the same network. Other modules can have a static or dynamic IP (recommended IP setup is described in the Sample network schema with recommended IP addresses in article Network setup).
Recommended: If you use wifi connection, please use a 5G connection (available on most modern routers), as it has less interference with other existing networks.

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