Time blocks

Time blocks

Time blocks are a convenient option for splitting the competition into more time slots or blocks. The feature is useful when you set up a competition with preliminaries and Final block (IJF-like type of competition), or your competition is held over multiple days.

Sample time block approach:

Saturday, 14.9.2019
      From 10:00 to 16:00 Preliminaries 
Saturday, 14.9.2019
      From 16:15 to 18:00 Final block
Sunday, 15.9.2019
      From 10:00 to 16:00 Preliminaries 
etc ...

If you are streaming the competition live and your time block setting is not correct, the streaming will be interupted. For example, if you set the end time for preliminaries at 14.00, the streaming will stop at 14.00. If the contests take longer, you have to adjust the end time accordingly.  
If you are not using the contest order feature (working with scoreboards), the time block option is not necessary.

Time blocks are managed in the Competition - Time block section. You can add a time block in 3 different ways:
  1. Click on »Add time block« in the command group and edit the times to match the desired time block position.
  2. Drag your mouse over the fields representing desired times then right-click on the selected time frame and select "Add Time Block".
  3. Double click on a specific time frame and edit the times to match the desired time block position. 

A pop-up window appears where you can set up your time block. 

1. Type: You can choose between Preliminaries and Final block,
2. TV notes: Notes from the TV broadcaster covering the competition, this can be shown to the public on l ive.ijf.org.
3. YouTube Commentator ids: If you have a commentated Youtube livestream(s), you can add the stream ID(s) here. This livestream will show up on live.ijf.org as a commentated stream when this time block is active.
4. Start time: Select the desired start date and time for your time block.
5. End time:  Select the end date and time for your time block.
6. Referees over all mats: If you choose this option the draw for the referees will ignore the mat referee was allocated to. It is usually used for the final block with less mats.  
7. Mats: Select the mats that will be used for this particular time block by clicking on the checkbox in the column  »Activate «. You can also add the livestream ID for each Mat. This livestream will be shown on live.ijf.org when this time block is active.

Type, start time, end time must be defined. At least one mat should be selected as active.

When using contest order (working with scoreboards) use of time block is mandatory. If you do not define a time block a default time block with Start time at 8:00 and End time at 22:00 will be created for you.

When using only a single time block (one day competitions, no Final block), it will remain hidden to avoid confusion. Contest order will automatically be assigned to this time block and it will also be set as default active time block. 

If you define more time blocks or competition is lasting more than one day , a new dropdown will appear on the top right corner.

Present time block indicates which time block you are presenting to scoreboards and contest order (also live.ijf.org if livestreaming). By selecting the dropdown, you can choose which time block is currently active (being presented to other modules).

All time blocks (if more then one) will also be displayed in the Contest order section. There you can arrange contests to each time block in a way that fits the needs of your competition. Read more about the Contest order section.

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