Working with the Draw animation module

Working with the Draw animation module

Before using Draw animation you must first enable it through Settings view in JudoManager Desktop application on server computer, by ticking the appropriate checkbox. 

Once it's enabled open the program Draw animation that was installed with JudoManager Desktop application. You can open it with a desktop shortcut or through Windows Start menu.

If you wish to use the Draw animation module, the Service must be stared in JudoManager Desktop application.

Draw animation setup

When you open Draw animation, you are first presented with a setup screen.

Draw Operator Connections -  input the IP and port of the server computer running JudoManager Desktop application. Usually you will be running Draw animation on the same computer as the Judo Manager Desktop application (server computer), so the default IP is set to localhost and the port to 8095.

Central Settings
  1. Central Settings Server - choose the server computer from which to pull default settings for Draw animation module.
  2. Auto Settings Mode - choose whether to pull setting from server computer or not. If the Auto Settings mode is OFF you can choose the display settings below manually and they will override the settings from the server computer.
Draw Animation Configuration
  1. Music loop - play looping music on preview screens (outside of the main Draw phase).
  2. Draw mix - play draw music during Draw phase. 

Draw animation usage

Draw animation module is controlled from the Draw view in the JudoManager Desktop application. If Draw animation module is enabled, a Presentation mode command group will show in the Ribbon menu.

Presentation mode

  1. Blank - present competition name and date.
  2. Overview - present the competition overview, number of Countries, Regions, Clubs and Competitors that take part in your competition.
  3. Category - present the list athletes in the currently selected category.
  4. Draw - present and run the Draw phase, the draw must be created and confirmed before it can presented.
  5. Forward - present the next phase of draw animation, going from left to right. If pressed when on Draw phase it will go back to Category phase.
  6. Active - show the number of active Draw animation modules.

There are two different ways, how you can present your draw:
  1. Select a category, create and confirm the draw. Now you can use the Presentation mode command group, pressing each button going from left to right. Stay on each phase as long as you wish, then move to the next one when ready. You can also just keep pressing Forward and the sequence will unfold the same way. Remember that when pressing Forward in the Draw phase will move you backward to Category phase.
  2. Select a category and press Draw & Preview. This will automatically create and confirm the draw, then run the Draw phase of the draw animation.

Draw & Preview should only be used while the category is selected through All dropdown menu in the sidebar tree structure. If the same category is selected through UnPrepared dropdown menu, some of the functionalities of this button will be lost (Draw animation), since the category will be immediately moved to Confirmed.
When selecting a category to draw, the Presentation mode will be automatically set to Category phase. If you wish to show phases to the left of it, you need to manually select them.

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