First start

First start

Startup and registration

In order to work with the JudoManager Desktop, you must first have a valid username, password and enabled API access. The credentials are the same as those used to access JudoManager Admin. If you don't have a valid JudoManager account, go to JudoManager website and contact your web administrator. 

Sharing your account information is forbidden. Using the same account in multiple instances of JudoManager Desktop may lead to data loss or data corruption in the cloud database.

Start the JudoManager Desktop application, by clicking on the icon or selecting it in the start menu.

The application will prompt for username/password.

Once you login, JudoManager Desktop application will open as shown in the picture below.

Language settings

When the application starts, you can change the applications language. If translations are not available for your country, please contact your system administrator. Currently, supported languages are:
  • English
  • Azerbaijan
  • Croatian
  • Slovenian
  • German



Click OK to return to main view.

Select competition

Before you start you have to synchronize data from the servers. You do that by clicking on the underline blue text in the middle ("No Competition selected. Please select one.") and when you do, a pop up window will open and start synchronizing the data from the database.


After data is transferred you will be able to select competitions that you are authorized to manage. Competitions are authorized by a country administrator in JudoManager Admin. 

For synchronizing data of a specific competition check out the article  Selecting competition.

Understanding competition synchronization

It is important to understand how data is transferred between the JudoManager Desktop (local database) and the cloud database (JudoManager Admin).
In order for the JudoManager Desktop to work, you need the basic code tables (such as age and weight categories, countries, delegation types, competitions, etc) transferred to the local database. This is done by request (pressing a "Synchronize all" button in data menu or when you load a competition for the first time). 
After you select the competition you want to manage, all competition-related data will be transferred (referees, clubs, athletes, online registrations, etc).
All data transfers are controlled by the Service. Make sure service is started when performing data sync operations (also you will be prompted to start the Service if it is required for a specific task).


When you have loaded all data, any changes made are stored in the local database. If auto-synchronization is enabled (set to "on"), all changes are instantly pushed to the cloud database.
Let's take a look at an example.
  • We have 150 athletes registered  for the competition through JudoManager Admin.
  • We open JudoManager Desktop application and select option "synchronize all" to get competition data.
  • We select competition - in local database, we will have 150 registered athletes.
  • We add 1 athlete - if auto-sync is on, the athlete will be pushed to cloud database instantly.
  • If we register another athlete for the competition through JudoManager Admin, we can not see them in the JudoManager Desktop application immediately. Changes made in the cloud database, are served to the JudoManager Desktop application by request. Press "Refresh data - Current competition" in the Home tab.
  • Now we have 152 registered athletes.
If we press sync all button, first all changes in the local database will be pushed to the cloud, then all data will be pulled from the cloud to the local database. This way we prevent any data loss to be created locally. 

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