Key concepts

Key concepts

JudoManager Desktop is designed to run judo competitions (eg. Competition running software). The application works as a standalone program, but in close connection with the cloud database. The Cloud database is managed by the online application JudoManager Admin.

JudoManager Desktop is connected to the cloud database by an API. Synchronization works both ways, from cloud to application and vice versa. Therefore any changes made in JudoManager Desktop will be synchronized to the cloud database and can then be seen and edited through JudoManager Admin. 

JudoManager Desktop allows usage of built-in services such as streaming live video to, presenting results and scoreboard data in real-time, automatically cutting contests (via FairReplay) and linking them to scoreboard data, ready for upload to a chosen video provider (such as YouTube or Vimeo, ...), use of modern FairReplay system to help referees in border decisions.

Aims and vision of JudoManager are:
  1. All in one software, able to provide key features to athletes, coaches, referees, and public.
  2. Make competitions faster and more attractive.
  3. Collect data such as results, scores, videos, head-to-heads.
  4. Allow post-processing of data, get detailed statistic.
  5. Centralize collected information in one place.
  6. Simplify and centralize judo federations operations, such as referee, coaches, belts, ranking, registrations data.

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