Working with the Contest order

Working with the Contest order

The Contest order section enables you to distribute contests to mats (tatami) and time blocks. Each time block can have multiple mats and each mat can hold an arbitrary number of contests. When creating contest orders it is important to have some knowledge about the draw you chose and how Judo competitions work in general. It is also important to understand how much time athletes need between contests. 

If you are using the Score Board module, it is obligatory to create a contest order.

In the View command group, you can toggle between the Plan and the Contest order:
  1. Plan - shows your current contest order in the center view as groups of contests of the same age and weight category. It shows how many contest in each group are already finished and the estimated start and end times of each group. When the Plan view is selected the Plan command group is available:
    1. Clean - delete the contest order in the selected time block

  1. Contest order - shows your current contest order in the centre view as list of contests. The contest order is available in there different formats, based on the amount of information presented:
    1. short format (only family and given name)
    2. long format (additional info like round, pool, fight number)
    3. referee view (referee names and options to draw or drag & drop referees, read more about referee distribution Working with referees article).  

While in referee view, you can not drag & drop contests since this functionality is now reserved for referees.


Task command group is used to define the refresh rate of contests as the competition is running. The Refresh button lets you refresh manually at any time. By ticking the Auto refresh checkbox the contest order will refresh on a regular time interval, set in Refresh interval input box. By default it is set to 15 seconds.


Print command will open additional options:
  1. selection of mats
  2. selection of type (all, finished contests, unfinished contests)
  3. selection of layout (with referees or contests only)

Creating the contest order

 In order to distribute contests to the mats (tatami), the draw must be confirmed.
To the left you can find the sidebar tree structure menu showing available age and weight categories. In the brackets next to categories, number of contests per category is displayed. In the bottom left corner, you can show or hide mats.

All undistributed categories are labeled red until you distribute them to the mat(s). You can use drag & drop on the whole category or expand it to see individual pieces like pool A, B, C, D, semifinals, bronze, etc. You can also select multiple categories (hold control and click) and drag & drop them on the desired mat. You distribute categories to the mats in Plan or Contest order view. If you select multiple groups of contests that include contest from the same round of competition you get an option to automatically sort them by their categories or mix them by rounds. This is very useful if you would like to have all round 1 contests before round 2 contests, etc. (This is how IJF competitions are run.)

Right click on a contest in Contest order view enables you to:
- move the contest up, down or to end.
- add pause after
- remove contest from plan
- skip the contest
- set the winner
- disqualify one of the competitors
- draw referees

Symbol   indicates that one or both competitors have contests too close together. You can fix this by moving contests or adding a pause (right click on a contest).

Please take a look at our short tutorial video on how to create a contest order:

Tutorial video

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