Working with the Weigh-in section

Working with the Weigh-in section

Weigh-in section is used to check weight (incoming from Weigh-in modules on separate computes), manually enter weight, or to perform scale control  by connecting the scale directly to the computer running JudoManager Desktop application (server computer) and perform weigh-in operations.

All registered athletes (status registered) can go to a weigh-in. Double click on athletes name or use a barcode scanner on a barcode from the athlete list print (Accreditation section) to open the Weigh-in window.

After the Weigh-in window is open you can ask the athlete to step on the scale. If your scale is connected to the computer, on which you are performing the weigh-in, the weight is automatically pushed to the Weighin window. You can also just read the weight on the scale and fill it manually into the Weight field. Depending on the Athlete weight category and athlete actual weight, buttons will appear below.

Example of an overweight athlete. You can either choose to remove them from the competition, move them to a heavier category, or accept them to the registered weight category. If an athlete is within limits of a weight category they are registered for, only the Confirm button will appear.

If you have set Draw Before Weight in the Detail of the Competition, only the options Remove or Accept Anyway will appear

After an athlete is weighted, they will be labeled with green, and the status of the registration will be changed to confirmed.

There is also a possibility to perform draw for random weight-in. To be able to perform the draw for the weight-in you must first confirm the draw. When the draw is confirmer you can select the categories you want to perform the random weight-in in and select the number of athletes that have to perform weigh-in. 

When the draw is confirmed you can print it. 

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